Waterloo Chiropractor and Dry Needling Therapist – Sue Tyfield

5 Questions with Sue Tyfield, Waterloo Chiropractor and Dry Needling Therapist:


Q: How have you found the pace of life in Sydney so far?


A: Fantastic! There are so many wonderful things to do from taking a walk on the beach to sitting at a new cafe every day and people watching. You can enjoy the fast pace while at the same time having lots of places to go have quiet time with your thoughts.


Q: Why did you become a chiropractor in the first place?


A: When I was in high school I job shadowed my best friends father who was a chiropractor and loved it from the beginning. Chiropractic gave me the opportunity to follow the medical path I was drawn to while being able to take a more personal hands on caring approach to patient care. I also liked the idea of looking at the body as a whole and not just focusing on symptoms.


Q; What skill set do you bring to Waterloo Chiropractic and Sports Massage that will enhance the clinic and patient outcomes?


A: I am a caring and empathic practitioner and I take time to support my patients and learn about everything in their lives that may be causing them problems. From a treatment perspective I use techniques like dry needling which has been found to be very effective on those pesky areas that don’t respond well to other treatments. We study needling for two years as a subject during our degree in South Africa, which makes us a bit different to some other practitioners.


Q: Why did you develop a special interest in performing arts health care?


A: Two years ago I audited a sports injury course through McGill University in Montreal and one of the modules covered performing arts. They had lectures from physiotherapists and specialist that worked with musicians, dancers and the performers from Cirque du Soleil. I found the special needs of this group of athletes really interesting and different, and I like a good challenge.


Q: What sort of approach do you take to your appointments and treatments?


A: I take a very patient centered approach. I use evidence-based examinations to come up with a working diagnosis. I then design my treatment to resolve that problem and it’s causes, while tailoring the treatment to suit the special needs of the particular patient. I make sure all my patients understand what the problem is, why I’m choosing to treat it a certain way, what our plan of action is and what they can do at home to speed the process up and get the best results. In short the plan is to listen, understand, treat and advise.


I’m really looking forward to meeting you all and joining the Waterloo team.


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Daniel is a committed health care professional in the Waterloo area and specialises in spine and joint pain solutions for his patients. Daniel’s t techniques provide the foundation to correct the biomechanics of the spine and joints. Daniel is also interested in correcting soft tissue trigger points and tightness.