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Why I love being a Sydney chiropractor?


As a Sydney chiropractor, I get to interact with people every day, use my hands, (not sit at a desk!), and promote health and wellbeing to all of my lovely patients! Chiropractic treatment methods are affective, common sense, have stood the test of time and NOW scientific design – for example please read the following :

Our profession, amongst other musculoskeletal professions continually demonstrate the evidence for manipulative therapy – something chiropractic has perfected for over 120 years.



Favourite stretch to give for low back pain?


Seated gluteus stretch. I like this stretch because it is so easy for everyone to do, since we all spend some part of our day in a seated position.  The glutes are implicated in low back pain in some way, either poor quality of muscle, trigger points, shortened muscle tissue and underactive muscles/poor endurance.




Best exercise for strengthening your spine?


Bird-dog, it’s a great one for everyone as it trains the posterior chain in spine neutral. The muscles of the posterior chain maintain our posture so muscular endurance in these muscles are vital. It also enhances spinal awareness with some very basic progressions and immediate affects are observed.


Pilates: Balance, strength and discipline all rolled into a beautiful conditioning philosphy !


Favourite case?


I don’t have any one single case – my favourites would be headaches/migraines (Generally where they have battled for years with these headaches and I am a last resort because of fear mongering about chiropractic care from a close friend or loved one) and we have had a great result by treating the underlying biomechanical problems in the neck and upper thoracic spine. This type of case highlights how spinal dysfunction can lead to major impact on your day to day life. I also enjoy the chronic extremity cases (some of my patients would know how much I love grabbing an old ankle or shoulder injury and getting stuck into it!).


How to approach your day to make sure your spine is protected from the affects of long term sitting?


Get micro-breaks. Walk to work, set timers/reminders/post-it notes whatever you can to take those breaks every 45 minutes – 2 hours, take your lunch break, walk home from work, take the stairs! Move, Move and Move some more !


Yours in Spinal Health and building Clever Spines @ Waterloo and Brighton Le Sands Chiropractic


Ben Foley (D.C.)

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