Low Back Pain | Chiropractic treatment for low back pain at Waterloo Chiro


First up, we will listen to you in order to find out what is unique about your low back pain. You will receive treatment specific to your low back pain and we will listen to your concerns about it.

I am of the firm understanding that my education and ongoing professional development has given me a certain skill set to manage all forms of spinal symptomatology, including low back pain. My ability to listen and then monitor your progress through your treatment plan is paramount to our success together as patient and chiropractor.

Not one patient I have ever treated receives the identical care. By seeing a chiropractor, you are about to undergo a healing process in order to enhance your health, function and movement. This is all done with the context of your personal situation in mind and activities of daily living.

To help you understand this, lets look at a mechanic vs a desk worker overcoming low back pain. They may have a similar injury, however both will have different treatment plans as a result of their needs according to their activities of daily living, strength and physical condition and education requirements. Will a mechanic be sitting down all day ? No. Or will a desk work be bending into full lumbar flexion over 5 times per hour ? Not likely. Hence different treatment plans are prescribed.

The adjustments or treatments use ‘blocks’ that sit under the pelvis at different points to take pressure off the spine and correct any asymmetries of the pelvis. This is a gentle, yet highly specific treatment that generally most people will receive during a visit. Adjustments usually involve some/all areas of the spine (cervical, thoracic, lumbar) and even if you only have low back pain, often the chiropractor will adjust other areas and do some soft tissue therapy, exercise prescription and occasionally some taping.

Typically the adjustments are built on over time and whilst we often deal with patients on their first visit when pain is a symptom in question, our treatment is not an analgesic medication, it is a healing process and does require dedication of some time and patience on both of our parts to overcome the injury naturally.

Yours in building Clever Spines,

Ben Foley (D.C.)

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