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As a chiropractor, I have a thorough understanding of what my profession achieves. I don’t expect my patients to have that same level of understanding as I do after a 5 year university degree and a further 5 years of clinical experience in practice. So whilst some people may find my opinion on this question as mildly controversial, I honestly believe chiropractic applied in the right setting, with the correct patient education is for everyone full stop.


Why…? Chiropractic is a very common sense modality that harnesses the bodies natural ability to heal and enhance function. As the “health consciousness” of society improves throughout this decade, the population will continue to seek non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment options and natural maintenance choices. We are seeing a major movement away from pharmaceuticals and surgical for less invasive treatments.  As the body of science increases, some of these treatments align with medical guideline in which chiropractic therapies are now recommended. No other professional is skilled to the level as the chiropractor for symptoms produced on movement of the spine amongst many other common musculoskeletal ailments, both from a diagnostic and treatment perspective. Just google a university curriculum and read through the body of science and clinical skill set taught. For example here is Macquarie University’s link to it’s curriculum in it’s Masters stream:


It’s pretty simple, everyone has a spine that needs to be kept healthy.  Sitting in desks’, looking at our phones and laptops for hours on end are examples of activities that can put stress on our body, accelerate the degenerative process later in life and ultimately decrease our overall health picture. Chiropractic can help your spine function better, avoid pain and slow down degenerative processes.


So just like exercise, pilates and massage is for everyone, I firmly believe that the chiropractic adjustment is also for everyone!


Yours in clever spines,


Ben Foley (D.C.)



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Clever Spines is a passionate health care group looking at improving the function of humanity through a proactive health ethos. In a world built on stress, deconditioning of the human frame and immobility, we are looking to improve the function of the central point of the human body, the spinal column, through chiropractic, massage, pilates and a healthy outlook towards exercise and diet. Our practitioners are passionate, educated and happy to be providing Waterloo, Zetland, Redfern and Brighton Le Sands residents and surrounding suburbs with high standards of allied health care including our dietitian and nutritionist Caris Walsh.