Waterloo Pilates & keeping a healthy spine

At Waterloo Pilates we are firmly focussed on quality of pilates over quantity of pilates. We work closely with our chiropractors and sports massage therapists to design the best treatment program for your spine. This enhances outcomes for you that you may not be aware of.

Your spine is comprised of five segments, from the top, cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx. It is fair to stay this piece of equipment houses one of the most important components of your body Рthe spinal cord and nerves. Each part of the spine performs a different functional movement to enhance our locomotion (amongst other functions) however, all segments have one thing in common, they provide protection for our spinal cord and exiting nerves.

We all understand the strength and conditioning components of pilates. Now that you understand its interaction with the spine and its role in enhancing the spines capacity to protect the spinal cord and nerves, it is important to understand that information runs throughout your body through the spinal cord and nerves. If there is poor movement of the spine, for example, there is reduced capacity for the flow of information throughout the body.

At Waterloo Pilates we aim to educate you that pilates is so much more than just core activation & developing local activation of your stabilising muscles. Pilates encourages spinal movement, incorporates local & global muscle systems to work together and improves motor skills. This ensures our clients re-train movement through all segments of the spine.

And… Now you know that activating your core also helps to stabilise your spine, offering spinal protection to it’s highest capacity. Performing pilates, helps to improve your strength and condition to your spine which in turn improves it’s capacity to protect the spinal cord, enhance movement and function. Incredible !



Yours in building Clever Spines,


Robyn Higley (Pilates Instructor, Sports Massage Therapist and Sports Trainer)

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Clever Spines is a passionate health care group looking at improving the function of humanity through a proactive health ethos. In a world built on stress, deconditioning of the human frame and immobility, we are looking to improve the function of the central point of the human body, the spinal column, through chiropractic, massage, pilates and a healthy outlook towards exercise and diet. Our practitioners are passionate, educated and happy to be providing Waterloo, Zetland, Redfern and Brighton Le Sands residents and surrounding suburbs with high standards of allied health care including our dietitian and nutritionist Caris Walsh.