Why men should participate in pilates

Majority of males, perceive Pilates as an “easy” mode of exercise or a “gentle” workout that’s more for old ladies than it is for fit young men, for example.

As a Pilates instructor, I’ve taught a variety of clients, young & old. I’ve worked with professional football players, stay-at-home moms, and triathletes. Women (young and old) generally dominate my classes, however, the occasional male finds his way into class. They have become devoted & addicted”regulars,” pilates does benefit men just as it does women.

In fact, Pilates was not only created by a man (Jospeh pilates) but originally intended as an exercise program for men as well! Joseph Pilates himself practiced his method and trained many males. Jospeh Pilates, worked with German soldiers helping them recover and rehabilitate from injuries using his challenging, exercise method.

Robyn will challenge to your core & beyond!

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Daniel is a committed health care professional in the Waterloo area and specialises in spine and joint pain solutions for his patients. Daniel’s t techniques provide the foundation to correct the biomechanics of the spine and joints. Daniel is also interested in correcting soft tissue trigger points and tightness.